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Thanks to all who have said prayers, asked questions, and sent good wishes! Many who have written are struggling with your LINX. I feel for you–having ongoing or late term issues is hard and discouraging, worse so when you don’t understand what is happening.  All of us want to be among the 90 % successes! I enjoyed being a poster child much more than I did a problem child.

Initially, I had LINX surgery in 2012, size 14 device. My problems 7 months later– and intermittently until my recovery from LINX revision–included food getting stuck, pain in my “LINX area”, chest pain, and difficulty swallowing solids and liquids. All of that got some better with dietary changes, topical antacids (Gaviscon), and a course of PPI’s. One dilation helped the swallowing symptoms, but after the dilation the source of the other problems became clearer. It took a lot of evaluation, repeat evaluation, and conferencing between doctors (conversations in which I was an active participant) to finally figure out WHY I was having problems. The key question  that needed to be answered was–was my esophageal pump failing (motility problem) or was it unable to work efficiently because of a mechanical blockage? In my case, the answer to that was mechanical blockage. My original LINX was in the wrong position. It was sized for my esophagus but  extensive testing  (and surgery confirmed) that it had scarred in around upper stomach. My new LINX is also a size 14. Beyond careful takedown of all the scar tissue from my first surgery, my revision surgery included Dr. Lipham pulling my esophagus down into my abdomen and doing intraoperative EGD’s to coordinate internal and external views for precise LINX placement.

At 3 1/2 months after revision surgery, I still have some swallowing problems and “pooling” if I eat too fast or too much. I’m just about tapered off PPI’s. I’m still still making forward progress and am most grateful for the recovery path I’m on now..


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  1. I have had the Linx in January and was acid free till July but now it has returned and I am back on PPI’s. I had an Endoscopy and everything looked fine.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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