18 month post surgery update–healed tissue and Barrett’s regressed!

I had a scheduled follow up EGD (upper endoscopy) on 2/15/17–had to have it for surveillance of Barrett’s esophagus. The Barrett’s had been found in April 2015, by biopsy–distressing, as that showed that in addition to all the other challenges I had due to errant placement of the original LINX. the device hadn’t prevented progression of my GERD. (I was Barrett’s negative before the 4/12 original surgery.) In April 2016, following the revision surgery, The biopsy for Barrett’s was negative, so…we were hoping for two in a row!

Wish I had a way to post the 2/15/17 EGD photos–they are a testament to God’s healing and recreative power, channeled through the hearts and hands of my USC revision surgery team. A sea of healthy looking esophageal tissue, with NO inflammation; LINX nestled exactly where it should be, and opening and closing beautifully. My team joked that everything looked so normal that maybe they had scoped the wrong patient! And the biopsy results as hoped for–no Barrett’s! My Barrett’s can now be characterized as “regressed”-which is great news!

I will always need some follow up-including manometry later this year (to confirm sustained improvement of motility) and EGD’s at future points–but I can see light at the end of the 5 year tunnel, praise God!


One thought on “18 month post surgery update–healed tissue and Barrett’s regressed!

  1. Hi Dr. Kilburn,
    I am a GERD patient and am scheduled for surgery in February 2018 with Dr. Lipham. I too am thankful for God’s healing power and how He has created us! Looking forward to a life without reflex and anti-reflux meds. I am curious about your redo. I read your posts and article on ReflexMD. Would you recommend a specific way to ask Dr. Lipham and his team about how they determine the position of the device to avoid having a redo? I appreciate your time.
    God bless you,
    Debra Hall
    714) 749-3596

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