15 month post op update

Now at about 15 months post redo surgery. Scar tissue from the originals surgery has been been slow to “stretch” and sometimes food and acid have gotten “caught” there-very uncomfortable. But with one dilation (April 2016) esophageal strength has returned over time and is pushing food and liquid through the LINX (and now the loosening scar tissue from original surgery) quite well. Next follow up will be December 2016 or early 2017, depending on how I am doing. My situation is quite unusual and MUCh has been learned since my original surgery.

2 thoughts on “15 month post op update

  1. Just wondering if you have had your follow up mentioned above. I am now at day 10 Linx post op. I researched this procedure a lot before AND after my procedure and I find it interesting that nowhere have I seen mention of something my surgeon has patients do post op. He prescribes a “magic mouthwash” solution which consists of lidocane, antacid, and Diphen in a 1:1:1 ratio. He suggests squirting 5 cc of this mouthwash directly down the throat before a meal. Have you heard of that before? Once I started having my dysphagia episodes on day 7 that mouthwash squeeze bottle has been my constant companion wherever I go.

    • Hi Gage,

      Yes I had my follow up and one dilation. All is much improved as far as dysphagia–still having mild symptoms but have gotten much further along with the revision surgery than I ever did with the original one. I’m still being followed closely. And no I haven’t heard of the magic mouthwash combination. I imagine that it constricts blood vessel/inflammation (the diphenhydramine), numbs pain (the lidocaine), and de acidifies any retained esophageal contents (the antacid). Likely your surgeon is discussing this with other surgeons as they pool their experience managing the very common dysphagia. Wishing you a full recovery and a great reflux free New year and many more!

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